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A Month in the Life: My Recap of Fabulous February Gigs!

Holi photo shoot by Orlando belly dancer Carrara Nour, Ashley Jane Photography, Flower Girl Designs, and The Henna StudioHello, fans! Have you missed me?

In my efforts to make Central Florida an even more magical place, one belly dance show at a time, I’ve pretty naughty about blogging. It’s high time that I fix that!

Quiet times have become increasingly rare in my world, and while I’m experiencing a short but much-needed lull, I thought I’d recap what was truly an amazing month for my belly dance business. Thanks to lots of referrals in Orlando’s wedding and entertainment industry, and some repeat customers, February was my best and busiest month to date! As any of my friends can tell you, I’m not in this business to build an empire or become a household name. I’m in this business …

Is a Multi-Dancer Show Right for You?

Carrara performs belly dance with Vanja at an Indian wedding in Tampa Belly dance is traditionally a solo improvisational dance form – but for some audiences, one set of hips just isn’t enough! While most of my Orlando and Tampa belly dance clients request a solo show, I get a small handful of requests each year for duet and trio shows, usually for weddings and corporate events.

Aside from being fun for selfish reasons (let’s face it: I could use a little company backstage and on a long drive home!), multi-dancer shows provide an extra dose of visual “oomph!” that’s fitting of an opulent, Maharani-style wedding. Picture the impact of three dancers in color coordinating costumes, entering a room with lit shamadans (candelabra headdresses), or whirling in unison with colorful silk veils! …

Why Belly Dance is Always In Style for Orlando Weddings!

Carrara Nour performs belly dance at a wedding in St. Cloud The slow days of summer can only mean one thing….it’s time to start thinking about entertainment for your fall or winter wedding in Orlando! (On that note, if you haven’t considered adding any sort of entertainment to your wedding, what are you waiting for? Your guests will thank you for giving them something to DO). Thanks to shows like My Fair Wedding and Platinum Weddings, which often feature glamorous live entertainment, your options are virtually unlimited, from the tried-and-true string quartets and jazz bands, to extreme options such as aerial violinists, bartenders on a flying trapeze, living tabletops and human chandeliers – but wait!

Let’s explore a form of wedding entertainment that’s been around a pretty long time, spans many …

Fatima & Salim’s Wedding at the Tampa Renaissance Hotel

In 6 years of performing, I’ve done lots of crazy things. Booking a multi-set, multi-dancer show for an Indian wedding, on less than 48 hours notice, was definitely one of my more daring feats – but what can I say? I love a good creative challenge, and there’s always something oddly Zen about spontaneous bookings. While I normally book weddings at least 3-6 months out, last-minute bookings can actually be a great exercise in customizing a beautiful and personalized show, without the self-imposed perfectionism that sometimes comes with getting to know a client over the better half of a year, and obsessing over exceeding their expectations. (All artists are crazy, and that’s where I can get neurotic!)

Less than 2 …