Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other belly dancers in Orlando?

First, let’s be real – there are some wonderful belly dancers in Orlando, many of whom are actually my close friends. It’s an honor to be one of the more popular performers here in the entertainment capital of America! One thing that sets me apart from a lot of people in showbiz is my core philosophy that every client is my friend. From my custom-crafted shows to the memories we make on the dance floor, I truly enjoy making people happy and I will treat your event as if it was my own family’s special occasion. After all, it takes a lot more than beautiful costumes and great dancing to make a memorable show. Your guests will always remember how the dancer made them feel, and that comes from the heart!

How long is your typical belly dance show?

Most of my clients go for the Classic Show, a complete set up to 25 minutes in length. This is a great option because it gives guests a complete show experience without overpowering your event and taking guests away from all the other fun activities or entertainment you have planned. If you’re looking for more, the Ultimate Show (2 20-minute sets with a costume change) is a nice way to fill a longer block of time. You can check out my Booking page for all show options, or give me a call and we’ll create something special just for you! 

Do your shows include audience participation?

It’s always a lot more fun when the audience becomes part of the show! Throughout my performance, I invite guests up to dance, just like it’s done in the Middle East. Because every audience has a different energy, I’ve developed a knack for “reading the room” and tailoring my level of interactivity to the crowd’s, whether it’s a bachelorette party where everybody’s getting silly or a corporate function where the group is a bit reserved.

Is belly dance appropriate for audiences of all ages?

Belly dance comes from traditional folk dances that are done by men, women and children at weddings and family celebrations throughout the Middle East. Kids are usually my biggest fans and they love getting up to dance with “The Princess” or admiring from afar. 

Do you carry liability insurance?

Of course! While my act itself is very low-risk, I am insured for up to $1,000,000 and can provide proof of insurance or special named certificates if you or your venue request it.

How do I book you?

Please call (407) 505-5864 or so we can discuss the details of your event. If I’m free, I’ll ask that you sign a performance agreement and send a non-refundable $100 retainer to hold the date. Once I get this from you, we’re all set!

How far in advance should I book you?

While I will do my best to accommodate even short notice bookings, I strongly recommend that you hire a belly dancer at least 2 weeks out to ensure availability and allow ample time to customize your show. For weddings and large corporate events, it’s best to play it safe by booking 3-6 months out – especially if your event takes place during the busy spring, fall, or Christmas season. 

Can you work with additional dancers if we want more than one?

Absolutely! While most clients hire me as a soloist, I also love doing multi-dancer ensemble shows with my amazing and talented friends! If you’re looking for a duet, trio or other ensemble show, I will personally select beautiful, professional performers at an equal or higher skill level than myself, and act as the main point of contact for all belly dance talent leading up to the show.

What type of music do you dance to? Can you dance to a non-Arabic track?

My music playlists range from traditional to non-traditional, and are tailor-made for you. Want classical Egyptian music? I’ll bring on the Oum K. Want a Bollywood and hip hop fusion? You’ve got it. A little bit of Shakira for your familia? My hips don’t lie. I’m a big music geek, appreciate all world genres from saidi to soca, and will dance to anything that gets your guests moving on the dance floor!

Is tipping appropriate?

While tipping is not required, it is greatly appreciated and can even add an element of fun to the festivities! In many parts of the Middle East, tipping the belly dancer is said to symbolize good luck to the newlyweds or the Guest of Honor. The most common way to tip a belly dancer is to throw bills over her head in a money shower (aka “making it rain”) or to discretely tuck a folded bill into the dancer’s arm bands or the side of her belt. If you prefer, you may simply hand me my tip or add it to the balance of my payment. For more tipping etiquette and traditions, check out my article Hot Tips on Tipping.

Do you perform at bachelor parties?

I do not perform at bachelor parties or any type of venue or event where the audience consists entirely of men and “adult” entertainment would typically be expected. This is for personal safety reasons and also to preserve the artistic and cultural integrity of my craft. (The only time I ever made an exception to this rule was when I performed a bachelor party for a group of gay men!)

Are you the dancer who will perform at my event? 

Let’s face it….nobody wants to get catfished by their entertainment. If you like what you see on my website and social media, then you’ll love what you’re going to get at your event! One thing that makes me unique is that I’m a professional one-woman show and not a school, troupe or agency that contracts out performers of mixed skill levels for events. (If a dance company advertises on their website that they’re scouting new talent with no belly dance experience necessary….or if their portfolio features stock images with a Shutterstock watermark rather than actual local talent….this should tell you everything you need to know)! When you book me, you will work with one experienced performer who handles all the details of your event with care from the initial call to the moment I take the stage. This guarantees peace of mind – no bait and switch, no third-party miscommunications, and no amateur performers who will use your once-in-a-lifetime event as on-the-job training or embarrass your guests with inappropriate costumes or dancing. The only surprises at your event will be the good kind! 

Do you offer belly dance classes?

I am strictly a performer and don’t own a dance studio or teach belly dance classes. If you’re looking for a qualified instructor, I am happy to give you a referral!

Why do you charge more than other belly dancers in Orlando?

Plain and simple, professional belly dancers charge professional rates. If you want one of the better Orlando belly dancers to perform at your event, you can expect to spend anywhere from $300-350 for a single 20-30 minute show. (Note: Most professional belly dancers have raised their rates since 2021 to offset inflation and rising fuel costs. So if you’ve hired belly dancers before, the 2019 “market price” may no longer apply). My own rates reflect not only the current cost of living in Florida, but also the quality, preparation and years of special event expertise I bring to the table. As you’ve probably seen on various third-party review sites like Google, WeddingWire and GigSalad, I consistently earn 5-star ratings in service, satisfaction and overall value. If price is your only consideration, there are countless amateur belly dancers who will show up and shimmy at a bargain price, and there’s a good chance you’ll get what you paid for. But something tells me that if you’re on my website and you’ve made it this far, you’re probably looking for the Real Deal. If you’re looking for an experienced professional who knows how to engage a crowd, honor your cultural traditions, and give your loved ones an amazing experience, you’re in great hands and I have the reputation to prove it. (Just read my online reviews or ask any of your wedding vendors about me!) For more on this subject, check out my popular article “Would You Like to Hire a Free Belly Dancer?”