A Unique Belly Dancer in Orlando

Carrara Nour is a belly dancer in Orlando offering entertainment for weddings and special events. She is known for her classic Arabic dance style, her award-winning customer service, and her ability to rock the party while treating every client’s occasion with love and respect. With over a decade of performing experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Carrara’s flawless reputation sets her apart from the rest. While many belly dancers measure their success with a shelf full of trophies, Carrara believes she is only as good as her last event, constantly striving to make each show better than the last.

Born on New Year’s Eve, Carrara naturally believes that life is a party. She infuses each performance with energy and feel-good vibes while she effortlessly reads the room and connects with the crowd. Even the shiest audience members can’t resist the chance to shimmy when she invites them out to the dance floor! While Carrara will sometimes joke about being a “just white girl from Connecticut,” her fun-loving, improvisational dance style captures the essence of belly dance in its purest form. She is widely loved and respected by Orlando’s Arabic community for that very reason, and is frequently hired for Middle Eastern weddings.

While Carrara resides in Winter Springs, she formally learned to belly dance in Connecticut and New York. Like many Northeast belly dancers, including her first professional mentors Adina (CT) and Careesah (CT), Carrara has a well-rounded Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese and American Vintage repertoire, and a deep appreciation for the classics. Her biggest influences include Fifi Abdou, Nadia Gamal, Samia Gamal, Amani, and countless non-professional Arab men and women she’s seen dancing casually in social situations. Like all things we borrow in life, Carrara takes great care of her art so she can give it back to the people it came from, and in better condition than when she found it.