Tiffany & Tier’s Wedding at Lake Mary Events Center

I don’t like to play favorites with my clients, because I honestly love every event and EVERY audience I dance for – but there are some brides I just click with from Day One. Tiffany was one of them.

When I do a wedding, nothing “jazzes” me more than working with a confident, creative and detail-oriented bride who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to articulate her preferences and throw her own ideas into the mix. Don’t get me wrong, I equally love the chilled-out, low-maintenance brides who don’t say a peep, let me do my thing, and love whatever I do! But it’s a lot of fun to work toward a creative vision with someone who thinks a lot like me.

Tiffany had seen belly dancers at Renaissance Faires and had always wanted to take lessons, herself. A belly dancer was not only a must-have for her wedding, but I was one of the first vendors she hired! From our first conversation, Tiffany wowed me with her appreciation of the art of dance, and her knowledge of various dance styles and props. She loved the traditional finger cymbals and veils, hated wings (we bonded over this one – let’s just say my relationship with wings is a bit “complicated!”), and preferred beautiful classic Middle Eastern music and dance over the fusion styles that are popular in this region. As fire and swords were off-limits at her venue and Tiffany had both feathers and fans in her decor, a third prop was a no-brainer and I went with my giant feather fans. This classic, feminine presentation all tied in beautifully with her Great Gatsby-inspired wedding at Lake Mary Events Center, a popular venue located just outside of Orlando. Carlisha Vetter with A Rose Designs was a delight to work with and put a unique, colorful spin on the popular vintage wedding theme.

Tiffany and Tier’s wedding reminded me that there’s a fine art to creating beautiful personalized wedding entertainment, and it goes beyond simply matching the color of your costume to the bridal party’s colors. The more I get to know my couples, and the more they open up to me, the more they end up loving the show. By the time I was ready to perform, I felt like I was dancing for a lifelong friend! And the family warmed up beautifully, too. While I’d been briefed by Tiffany and her twin sister Brittany (who played a huge role in helping Tiffany the wedding) that my audience might be pretty conservative and might not budge from their chairs, we all proved this wrong. The whole family got up and danced, and everybody sincerely thanked me for a fun and artistic addition to the wedding. Success!

Speaking of success,the following vendors contributed to a picture-perfect wedding for Tiffany and Tier. They are awesome, and I enthusiastically recommend them!

Planning & Coordination: Carlisha Vetter with A Rose Designs (Orlando, FL)
Venue: Lake Mary Events Center (Lake Mary, FL)
Photographer: Klix Photography & Design
DJ: Eric Harding with Grant Hemond & Asssociates (Tampa)
Catering: Big City Catering (Orlando, FL)
Cake: Cake Designers (Sanford, FL)


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