Three Cheers for Emerald Green: The Pantone 2013 Color of the Year is Here!

Each year, to the delight of Orlando’s wedding professionals, Pantone releases its Color of the Year, which will influence color trends in fashion, design, food and, you guessed it, weddings. This year, it’s Emerald Green!

Emerald is a color I’ve loved long before it became the Next Big Thing. It looks great on fair-skinned, blue-eyed brunettes (that’s me!), and the color is so quintessentially belly dance to me! As you can see, I’m just wild about this emerald green vintage bedlah that originally belonged to my first teacher Careesah and was made by Ayshe in NYC (with the help of Turkish belly dancer Eva Cernik).

Many wedding designers are influenced by color trends in fashion, and green has slowly been making a comeback inΒ  wedding color palettes. I think vibrant green is a nice counter-trend to some of the muted colors we’ve been seeing, or for brides who prefer green in small doses, it makes a great accent color. Check out this photo from a gorgeous Moroccan-themed Welcome Dinner designed by Orlando’s own Jilna Patel with Suhaag Garden. (I danced at this event and the colors were delicious!)

Emerald Green also looks great with aquamarine, as you can see on this beautiful palette from


One of my brides, Brittany, is doing kiwi (not exactly emerald, but still bright green) with accents of black, silver and white for her wedding on 12/29, and her palette is similar to this:

What do YOU think of emerald and other bright shades of green? Would you try it at your own wedding? Dancer-friends, does this put you in the mood to buy an emerald green costume? Share your comments below!

Are you looking for a belly dancer for your Orlando or Tampa wedding? I can help with that! (And yes, I still have my emerald green costume!) Check out my Weddings Page and get inspired!

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  1. I am all about teal right now – just came back from Istanbul where I bought a wonderful teal costume. Also tried two costumes in teal with pink. And got new teal trousers….
    But emerald is a nice color too – looks so “positive” :-)

  2. You’re right, Meissoun. Green is a happy color to me. Reminds me of spring! Teal is awesome too. I have ALWAYS loved teal. (One of my favorite Bellas is teal, and mermaid-inspired).

    Fashion has been stuck in a bit of a rut lately, with all those drab colors. I’m excited to see a bit of color! It’s about time ;)

  3. I’m actually in a very long process right now of creating a dark emerald green costume with my seamstress. I’ve been dreaming about it for years. I just love how rich it looks against so many great colors: copper, gold, silver, tan, etc…My seamstress bought the fabric a while back, so now it’s time for the really fun stuff – deciding on embroidery and beadwork patterns! Three cheers AND a toast to emerald green!

  4. I love it! In fact, I am having to make a conscious effort to steer away from green, because green and teal are pretty much all I want to buy when left to my own devices (oh, and super-glam animal print…). My first bedlah was an emerald green tribaret set from Yasemin Yildiz, and I’m also in love with my olive green Eman Zaki. I’m a pale brunette as well, so it really works with my complexion :)
    I’d totally go with green for a wedding too, just because I love it so much! A good friend who got married last year had a dark green theme with a bit of a Lord of the Rings elvish kind of vibe, which was very pretty…

  5. It’s a great color and I really hope to see more at weddings!

    Rasha, I’m the same with teal and turquoise. My entire wardrobe would probably be various shades of blue-green if I didn’t make a conscious effort to bring in a varied collection of colors!

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