Real Wedding: Ediz and Laura at JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando

When I think of Spring weddings, so many wonderful things come to mind – soft colors, fragrant flowers everywhere, and tons of romantic details. One of my April couples, Ediz and Laura had the perfect Springtime wedding at the JW Marriott in Orlando. The second you set foot in the ballroom, you couldn’t help but to get swept up in the soft, romantic elegance. My kind of wedding!

This wedding also had Turkish delight on the escort table; a very fitting treat for a sweet multicultural celebration!

As with so many of the weddings I perform, I was hired by the father of the groom, as both a nod to their Turkish heritage and a fun, interactive icebreaker. The couple even provided coined hip scarves in the bridal party colors, so all the ladies could get decked out on the dance floor. (Of course, this made for some beautiful, creative photo ops!)

There was not a moment when I was on the dance floor alone. Ediz’s family sang along to Tarkan, formed a semi-circle around me and stomped their feet to the slow chiftiteli rhythm as I danced with my sword. Laura’s family did not wait until the audience participation part of my show, and danced along with everybody else; giving their all as they followed what Ediz’s family and I were doing. That night, the two families became one through music and dance, and that, my friends? That is why I adore weddings, and what makes my work both meaningful and fun.

Of course, this wedding would not be complete without some awesome vendors, including Shannon Caine and Beautiful Music, Jeffrey Stoner Video, and NuVision Photography.



Belly dancer Carrara Nour of Orlando, FL gets the crowd to dance at a Turkish-American wedding

Carrara Nour, a belly dancer in Orlando, dances with the bride at a wedding at JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL Belly Dancer Carrara Nour performs at a Turkish-American fusion wedding in Orlando, FL









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