New Video! Full-Length Show Coverage from Ashley and Ryan’s St. Cloud Wedding

What do you get when you combine a too-cute-to-be-true couple, an awesome crowd, and a fabulous fusion belly dance show with dramatic Isis wings, shimmering candles and sassy raqs assaya (aka the “party stick”)? You get a picture-perfect wedding. Literally picture perfect, when you’re working with your good friends at SugarPop Films and their 3-camera crew!

Brian Bazala was nice enough to send me this BEAUTIFUL footage that he and his team captured on Ashley and Ryan’s special day at the Riverside Pavilion in St. Cloud. It is not only a short teaser clip, but virtually my entire show, edited only to show a few different angles and some fun, silly and adorable reactions from the crowd.

Before we cut to the chase, a quick word on wedding videography. I stay friends with most of my clients long after the wedding is over. Many of them talk about their weddings; what they liked best and what they’d do differently if they had a do-over. What’s the Number One regret? “I wish I hired a videographer.”

As I sat in Brian’s Maitland office watching this video for the first time, I re-lived so many memories from this awesome show as they came up on screen. We had lots of laughs and smiles remembering how adorable Ashley was when she got up to dance with me for the first time; the way Ryan stood there like he was too cool to dance with me (and then got down to the sha’abi beat); the guy who kept taking pictures of me with his phone while I posed for him. So many great moments. I remembered exactly what it was like to be there.

Couples, you owe it to yourselves to hire a great videographer, and SugarPop Films is a company I strongly recommend!

And if you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to have me belly dance at your Orlando wedding? Watch this clip and find out! (Best viewed in full-screen mode for maximum sparkle and fabulosity).

Belly Dance By Carrara Nour from SugarPop Films on Vimeo.

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