Carrara Nour (belly dancer Orlando) performs at an Egyptian wedding at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda MetroWest. Photography by Anna So

Real Orlando Wedding: Marianne & Patrick at the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda in MetroWest

As an Orlando belly dancer, I believe that the perfect wedding contains three magic ingredients: 1. Great Music, 2. Entertainment, and 3. Lots and lots of dancing. While all of my couples appreciate the value of great entertainment, my September couple Marianne and Patrick went above and beyond to create the Party of a Lifetime at their Crystal Ballroom at Veranda wedding. My belly dance performance was just the beginning of an unforgettable evening. The ridiculously gorgeous Phoebe Vecchioni and Phoebe’s Samba Team dazzled the crowd with their hot Brazilian Carnival act after my show, and DJ Michael Lofaro of Rhythm of the Night Entertainment kept guests dancing all night with his high-energy personality and style. If you wanted to …

Real Orlando Wedding: Julissa + Chayanne

There’s nothing I love more than a fairytale wedding. You know, the kind where two too-good-to-be-true human beings who have been through everything in life together, finally get their Ever After. The kind of wedding that makes even a seasoned vendor like myself want to tear up a little.

Julissa and Chayanne’s Arabian-themed wedding at Radisson in Celebration was nothing short of magical! From the plum-and-gold Moroccan-style drape and decor to the serendipitous way it all came together, this Orlando wedding was filled with fairy dust and had everybody feeling the love.

The most wonderful moment happened just before my show, when the DJ handed the mic to Julissa’s daughter and her little voice announced, “I’m gonna be a big …

Winter Wonderland Inspiration Photo Shoot with Clearly in Focus Photography

I love the Holidays because everything becomes extra sparkly and magical this time of the year. But if you’re an ex-Yankee living in the Sunshine State, like myself, you might discover one big thing missing from your personal Winter Wonderland: SNOW.

I didn’t get to go home for Christmas last year, but thanks to Brian with Standing Ovation Entertainment, I got to frolic in a beautiful blizzard for a photo shoot with Clearly in Focus Photography at Heaven Event Center. And I did it all in comfortable 72-degree temps! Brian’s snow machine, which produces a realistic flurry of dry “snow” added a gorgeous touch of winter against the blue uplighting and pristine white floors and draping at Heaven. Special thanks …

Why Belly Dance is Always In Style for Orlando Weddings!

Carrara Nour performs belly dance at a wedding in St. Cloud The slow days of summer can only mean one thing….it’s time to start thinking about entertainment for your fall or winter wedding in Orlando! (On that note, if you haven’t considered adding any sort of entertainment to your wedding, what are you waiting for? Your guests will thank you for giving them something to DO). Thanks to shows like My Fair Wedding and Platinum Weddings, which often feature glamorous live entertainment, your options are virtually unlimited, from the tried-and-true string quartets and jazz bands, to extreme options such as aerial violinists, bartenders on a flying trapeze, living tabletops and human chandeliers – but wait!

Let’s explore a form of wedding entertainment that’s been around a pretty long time, spans many …

iPhone-tographers, Unplugged Weddings and Ferris Bueller’s Wisdom

Hi Sparkle-Fans! Long time, no blog. What can I say? I’ve been out living. Laughing, loving, and stretching my wings. Dancing every weekend, developing my talents in my non-dance career, making more time for the people that matter, and taking each day to find balance, happiness and opportunities to grow and mature. Quite honestly, I’ve had neither the time nor the desire to document it all – and I couldn’t be happier with my reprieve from the weekly social media rat race of selfies, gig recaps, and meaningless credentials.

After all, as I’ve pleasantly discovered….life goes on whether or not you pin it, tweet it, or Instagram it.

I guess that’s the whole point of this blog post.

And …