Real Orlando Wedding: Katie + David at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary

Belly dance at an Indian/American fusion wedding at Lake Mary Hilton, Photo by Mike Briggs

One side of the room wore saris. The other side, suits and cocktail dresses.

They did the Cupid Shuffle and The Twist, and they boogied down to Bollywood.

Nothing brings two families together quite like music and dance! And as a wedding belly dancer in Orlando, my favorite weddings are the ones that are a crazy mix of different cultures – like my sweet May couple, Katie and David.

Katie contacted me at the suggestion of her DJ (White Rose Entertainment) around the holidays last year. When you’re about to marry your best friend, who is a very handsome Indian man, you’ve got to bring a bit of Bollywood flair to your special day! Katie and David decided that a belly dance show would be the perfect way to break the ice between their two families. While belly dance itself is not Indian by origin (fun fact!), it has influenced countless Bollywood choreographies, and Indian families like David’s love to see belly dancers at their weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. As for Katie’s family? They’d never seen something so exotic and fun at a wedding before, and were in for a treat!

In the months leading up to their Lake Mary wedding, Katie and I worked together to create an “Indo-fusion” playlist that was pretty epic, if I do say so myself! We spiced up the Arabic standards with sexy Bollywood “item” songs, and ended with the Pussycat Dolls’ version of “Jai Ho,” which got Katie’s bridal party on their feet and shaking it like Aishwarya and Katrina in no time. The room was gorgeous; filled with lush flowers, and shades of gold and plum, which have been so fashionable for Orlando weddings this year.

Check out these gorgeous pics from Mike Briggs Photography!

Katie + David

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