Belly Dance in the City Beautiful: Lake Eola Photo Shoot with Lee Hodge

Once upon a time, a girl moved from Connecticut to Florida to make a better life for herself. She packed her entire life in the back seat of an Acura TL, and left behind her family, her friends, and a successful dance business, only to start all over again.

There were some bumps in the road. There were many sleepless nights, and there was definitely a meltdown or two!

And there were also new friends, new dance opportunities, and new adventures in the days ahead.

She still misses good pizza and bagels, her trips to NY for belly dance workshops, and beautiful fall foliage. She misses her family each and every single day – Mom, Dad, sister, and golden retriever. She does NOT miss the snow!

She grew up a lot in 5 years and is still a work in progress. But life as a belly dancer here in Orlando is pretty sweet!

I hope you enjoy these cool photos from my recent shoot with Lee Hodge! Lee is a friend of mine through my photographer boyfriend Stacy. We finally got around to shooting a couple of weeks ago around lovely Lake Eola! Every time I hit downtown Orlando, I feel totally energized by the developing arts and culture. And happy to call Central Florida my home.

Check out more of Lee’s amazing work on Facebook!

Lee Hodge Shoot

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