5 Things Everyone in Orlando Can Do to Celebrate World Belly Dance Day (5/12)

Orlando Belly Dancer Carrara Nour
Orlando Belly Dancer Carrara Nour, Photo: Jennifer Soltren of Portrait Divas

It’s May 12th and perhaps, the best holiday Hallmark never made a card for: World Belly Dance Day. While every day is World Belly Dance Day for most Orlando belly dancers, I think you could use a good reason to put a little extra shimmy in yourΒ  step today. Here are a few cool ways my readers in Orlando can celebrate this dance and the vibrant culture it comes from:

  1. 1. Take an Orlando Belly Dance Class This one’s totally self-explanatory! The best way to appreciate belly dance is to actually become a belly dancer for a day. There are plenty of belly dance studios in Orlando, with one of my favorites being Orlando Bellydance, Suspira’s welcoming studio that offers classes of all levels, and pretty costumes from SharifWear and Joharah.
  2. 2. Visit “Morocco” for a Day – For those who can’t catch a standby flight to Marakkesh, Epcot’s Moroccan pavillion is the next coolest thing. This is a great place to listen to the band Mo’Rockin, watch the belly dance show, or grab some good eats at the restaurant Marakkesh. (Tell the musicians Bashir and Mustafa I said hi! I did a private gig with them once and they rock.)Β  One of my first exposures to belly dance was at the Moroccan pavillion when I was a kid, and this made me fall in love with belly dance long before I took my first class – you and your family will fall in love with the dance at Epcot, too!
  3. 3. Experience Middle Eastern Cuisine The Middle East is known for its healthy and amazingly delicious cuisine. There are too many delicious Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurants in Orlando for me to even name in this post, many of which have Orlando belly dancers perform on Friday and Saturday nights. I’m still exploring all my choices! I come from the NY area where there were the best Turkish kebab houses, so naturally, I’m very partial to the Turkish restaurant Anatolia in Dr. Phillips.
  4. 4. Do Some Shopping Belly dancers love to add their own signature flair to their homes and wardrobes, and you should too! Check out Beachcombers Bazaar for inexpensive Indian-style bangles and jewelry, or go say hi to my buddy Ali and pick up some incredible Moroccan lamps, pottery and furniture at LivingMorocco, a gorgeous Moroccan home furnishing store in the Ivanhoe Antique District of Orlando.
  5. 5. Master the Smoky Eye – Nothing says “belly dance” quite like smoky, mysterious eye makeup to enhance the windows to your soul. I love this Kim Kardashian-inspired smoky eye tutorial from Orlando hair and makeup artists Beaute Speciale. PS – They do weddings, they’ve done my hair and makeup, and they rock!
  6. 6. Hire an Orlando Belly Dancer for Your Next Party – OK, I lied, there are 6. Come on, you knew that was coming. But after a day in the life of a belly dance aficionado, you could get used to this! Looking for a custom performance for your wedding or social event? You’re in the right place – please stick around and take a look!
Orlando belly dancer, Carrara Nour
Carrara Nour, Belly Dancer in Orlando

About Carrara Nour: Carrara is a professional Orlando belly dancer specializing in custom performances for weddings and high-end social events. She is known for her unique blend of substance and style; elegance and fun, and loves nothing more than bringing beauty, culture and joy to the world around her, one event at a time. To hire Carrara for your Orlando wedding or event, check out her Booking Page or follow her updates on Facebook.

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