Liza and Billy’s Armenian and Puerto Rican Wedding at the Estate of John’s Lake

My philosophy when it comes to weddings is simple: I like to work with couples that I’d personally hang out with as friends. Liza and Billy were no exception. When I met them, I knew we’d hit it off great. They were fun, down-to-earth, and wickedly funny. They were all about laughing and enjoying life together. Most importantly, I could instantly tell that they wanted a wedding that was not only beautiful but enjoyable for all their guests. You know those cookie-cutter weddings where nobody dances and everyone goes home early? Liza and Billy wanted NONE of that.

And not only did they want their wedding to be fun. They also wanted it to be culturally rich and meaningful. With …

Brittany & Hadi’s Lebanese/American Wedding at the Golden Bear Club in Keene’s Point/Windermere

Once upon a time, a smart, beautiful American girl moved to Dubai in search of a new career and a new life. She met a handsome Lebanese man at a Lebanese nightclub, and they got engaged on vacation in Venice.

I instantly fell in love with Brittany and Hadi, and could not pass up the chance to perform some Lebanese-style belly dance at their 12/29 wedding at the Golden Bear Club in the Keene’s Pointe neighborhood of Windermere! They are such a cool couple, and Brittany and I bonded over her interesting stories about life in Dubai and our commentary on Lebanese fashion trends. (As Brittany said, “If it looks uncomfortable, it’s Lebanese!”) Not to mention, I’m partial to Lebanese-style …

Be Everything to Someone…

“Be everything to someone, not something for everyone.”

This is my credo, my mantra, my entire manifesto in a single sentence.

I could end this post right here if I really wanted to. But finding the ideal audience for your art deserves much more than a single blurb. And I write novels when I’ve had too much coffee.

This post was born out of 7 years of unsolicited business advice.

When you’re an entrepreneur, everyone’s a business consultant.

When you’re an artist, everyone’s a critic.

When you’re an entertainer, everyone’s Simon Freaking Cowell.

If I were “doing my job right,” I would be one hell of a Bollywood dancing, stilt walking, snake charming, fire eating, poi-spinning, hula hooping, contortionist belly …