Why I Love My Job


First off, you may excuse the bizarre-o angle, the goofy grin, and the sunglasses. I took this silly self-portrait at a traffic light just before the Sherwood Island Connector on my way to a gig in Westport. Unfortunately, my man Stacy (who also happens to be my numero uno favorite pro photographer, who most of my clients get the pleasure of meeting), was traveling on business.

I figured, I’ve gotta commemorate this gig somehow…it was my first “conversion” from my brand-spanking new website!

Back to the business at hand. I just returned from a lovely Mediterranean-themed 60th birthday party in Westport for birthday boy Brooks. The crowd was so delightful. Brooks and his buddies in the tent were cracking me up – so much for the usual sword dance poker-face! The women got up to join me forΒ a quick shimmy. Even Rosie the golden retriever got in on the action, wagging her tail when I played my finger cymbals! I love gigs like this.

There’s just something so amazing about making people happy. As much as I’d consider myself a serious artiste, I find an even greater reward in being an entertainer. I don’t always remember my expertly performed drum solos or my best double veil tricks, but I never forget those times when a little kid upstages me on the dance floor, or when teenage girls follow me to my dressing room post-show and tell me just how cool they think I am, or when grown men get up to join me for a hip twist or two. This is what keeps me dancing.

At the end of the day, life is so serious. So do what you love and love what you do. Work hard, play harder, and dance like nobody’s watching!



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