Quite Possibly the World’s Greatest Invention

The following post has nothing to do with belly dance and everything to do with keeping costume changes kosher. Let’s face it. We’ve all been in those awkward situations where we need to change in or out of a costume, yet the only option for privacy is a tree, a Porta-Potty stall, or a friend holding a sheet.

My friends, behold the amazingΒ Portable Changing Room.

I discovered this awesome solution through my photographer Steve, who carries it with him on all of our outdoor photo shoots. When it’s all set up – which takes about 30 seconds – it’s a small vinyl tent, about 6 feet tall by 3′ wide, with a little side door that zips up. There’s plenty of room in there to change comfortably. When you’re done, it compresses to a neat little disc with a shoulder strap that you can carry around.

At only $45 a pop, I’ve gotta buy myself one of these bad boys. I think every dancer – especially those who are active on the Renn Faire circuit – should keep one of these in her trunk, just in case!


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