Ode to a Glitterbug

Provocative bloggable content is not my middle name tonight. Topics like rates, professionalism and marketing during a down economy will have to go untouched, if only for tonight. Alas, after picking a curious iridescent fleck of bluish glitter off my golden retriever, I felt inspired to plug my favorite body glitter product: the Glitterbug, by Lush.

My dog, my boyfriend, my gig bag, my bedding and the interior of my car are all sparkling testaments to my love of this gorgeous glitter bar. This product deserves a cult following, plain and simple. Downside? It’s so messy, your friends will wonder where you’re hiding your pet unicorn. The upside? Everything. Shaped like a little bar of soap, the Glitterbug is made of skin-softening oils and scented with seductive rose, vanilla and neroli. The oils melt as soon as they hit your skin, leaving behind not only a gorgeous sheen, but a veritable disco ball of glimmering blue-violet iridescent glitter.

The Glitterbug is amazing in venues where the lighting is dim or for those times when you want your body to look as bling-y as your favorite Bella. Glitterbug’s sparkle shows up beautifully under even the darkest conditions, unlike most glitter products on the market that only sparkle up close.

That being said, the Glitterbug is not right for every occasion. You might want to trade it in for something more subtle (like Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Shimmer) for your most upscale corporate events and weddings. It’s also not advisable for photo shoots, as any type of glitter requires motion for its visual effect and usually reads as white chunks in still photos.

If you’re looking for a glitter that goes beyond the call of duty, run to your nearest Lush boutique and snap this up, along with its subtler shimmer cousin Shimmy Shimmy. One little bar will cost around $7, but it lasts forever.



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