Calling All Pharaonics Lovers: A Quick Fix for Those Peeling Beads

Pharaonics addicts know exactly where I’m going with this. You drop $700 on an exquisite Egyptian costume. The color, fit and rhinestones are to die for. But for some ungodly reason, the designer uses cheap painted plastic beads that chip after the slightest wear.

Fed up with my white Pharaonics – and in no mood to re-string every tassel – I reached for the medicine cabinet and refinished those suckers with nail polish.

Hallelujah, it worked!

All you need is a pearlescent nail polish in a color that matches the finish of your beads. Apply one coat, let it dry. Repeat until your beads look shiny and new. (And don’t forget to crack a window open!)

Curiously, I’m not the only one who has refinished Pharaonics beads. I’ve heard that acrylic paints from the hobby store and even car touchup paint (!!!) are equally good fixes.

I also hear that clear nail polish is great for filling in scratched acrylic rhinestones!

Anyone else have a quick fix to share?

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