Looking for Orlando Christmas and Holiday party ideas?

As a belly dancer in Orlando, the Holidays mark the beginning of my busy season. Not only do I dance at lots of winter weddings, but Christmas and Holiday parties are some of my most popular bookings!

While many people associate the Holidays with traditional Yuletide entertainment like carolers, Santas for the kids, and live music, lots of party hosts and hostesses want to do something different.

Belly dance to the rescue!

Why Belly Dance?

When you think about it, belly dance is the perfect form of Holiday entertainment. It’s upbeat. It’s family-friendly. And you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more festive, with the glitter, the jingling finger cymbals, and shimmering silks and wings. Still not Christmas-y enough? The beauty of belly dance is that the music can be as traditional or non-traditional as you’d like. (I have been known to shimmy it up to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”)

Belly dance can also be a fun way to tie in with a Christmas Around the World party theme, or entertain a culturally diverse group of guests. Many of my “usual” Christmas party clients are Indian, Moroccan, or Middle Eastern doctors and business owners who want to treat their friends, family and staff to a fun cultural experience while they celebrate the season.

Hire a Belly Dancer in Orlando for Your Christmas Party

Leave the White Elephant Gift Swap and the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties to your friends. Your guests will thank you! To learn more about my prices and packages, check out my Booking page for all the details. And check out my photos below for some Christmas show inspiration!

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