I know, I know. One of these days, I’ll get off my lazy tuckus and make a couple of tutorials of my own! ‘Til then, I wanted to share an awesome channel I found on YouTube. Tons of Arabic looks, inspired by Haifa, Elissa and other Lebanese pop divas:


Notice how most of the Arabic looks involve an ultra-dark eye paired with a soft nude lip. This is such a refreshing alternative to the common (yet not always flattering) dark eyes/dark lip combo so many of us dancers wear for shows.


2 Responses to “Great Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorials – Check ‘Em Out!”

  1. Julia says:

    I agree that the smoky eye and nude lip look is attractive, but I wouldn’t recommend it for performances because your lips will not show up in pictures adequately. I would say that it’s better to find a soft peach or coral lipstick instead, because it contrasts more against the skin.

  2. carrara says:

    I agree. It has to be the right nude, either more on the peachy side or more on the rosy side. NOT the 60’s frost nude! My favorite is MAC lipstick in Cosmo, which is a nice muted rose, about 2 shades darker than my natural lip color. It’s subtle enough to offset a smoky eye, but dark enough to not disappear!

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