They say the best things in life are worth the wait. After three years of dancing professionally and building my fan base entirely word-of-mouth, I’m finally ready to sit back and let my shiny new website do the talking!

Formalizing your business isn’t something you just wake up and do one day. It can take months, if not years, to figure out who you are as a dancer, who you’re dancing for, what niche you occupy, and what makes you a star. That being said, it took me about a year to find my “voice” and put it into just the right images and words. And here I am!

When it was time to hire a web designer, the decision was a no-brainer. Within moments of chatting with Brian Feister at DreamStar Studios, I was confident that I had found just the right person to help me meet my unique objectives. I was looking for a slick website that would

  • 1. set me apart from “the pack,”
  • 2. seamlessly integrate social media to keep my clients and buddies in the loop, and
  • 3. allow me to update my own galleries since I’m constantly on photo shoots. Brian assured me that this tall order would be possible – and even (gasp!) user-friendly!

And he was right. With Brian’s programming wizardry, connecting with my fans and generating fresh, exciting content is now so easy, even a monkey – or an idiot savant like me – can do it. All of my latest and greatest tweets from Twitter pop right up in my sidebar. I can update my gallery the moment I perform in a new costume or come home from a photo shoot. My blog and all of my social networks are only a click away. How fun (and functional!) is that?

I hope you all are just as proud of my new website as Brian and I are. This was an enormous step for my dance business – and to think, this is only the beginning!

Stay Tuned…

Carrara Nour

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