As most of you know, officially “went live” yesterday! Of course, since its big debut, me and Brian’s brainchild is getting serious rave reviews!

So far, many have told me that they feel as if they’ve gotten to know me by the time they leave my site. This is exactly the effect Brian and I were going for. Belly dancers, as self-marketers,¬†inhabit a sort of funny gray area. We’re not products or services, but personalities. And many dancer websites lack personality or miss key opportunities to create intimacy, connection and trust. I’m glad my viewers perceive the friendly, vivacious vibe that Brian and I were going for.

Now that I’ve finally wrangled this 800-lb. gorilla, it almost feels funny to relax. Now what? Perhaps, I’ll plant that herb garden I’ve been wanting all summer? Maybe start getting my wardrobe ready for a photo shoot at a waterfall next week?

Of course, I deserve a break. But business, unlike some types of houseplants, cannot thrive on neglect for too long. Many dancers get a website, hand out some business cards,¬†and call it a day. That’s so not my style. I’m learning to love Google Analytics, revisiting some ideas for articles I want to write, thinking about P.R., and most importantly, thinking about even more ways I can continue to add value to my services and exceed my clients’ expectations even in today’s economy. Even if belly dance isn’t your full-time gig (I’m a marketing & PR professional in my “other” life), it’s critical to grow, evolve, and track your goals every day. It never ends!

More thoughts on added value and on my personal goals, to come. ‘Til then, I’m about to catch up on some much needed sleep.



2 Responses to “Life After Launching”

  1. admin says:

    I knew you would find SOME way to keep busy even after we worked so hard :P

  2. Carrara Nour says:

    It’s the curse of the workaholics, I suppose. Oh who am I kidding? Maybe now that I’ve hit the big time, I’ll move on to another form of dancing. Irish Step Dance, anyone? :-P

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