June 26th, 2009 Add a Comment

For me, it’s everywhere.

A thunderstorm has subsided and right now, everything outside my window is bathed in ethereal pinky-copper light. The clouds are apricot and screaming violet. The colors remind me of coral reefs.

Hmmm…shimmer, coral, magic….now I’m thinking about getting my SCUBA certification, vacation in Puerto Rico, a fantasy-inspired photo shoot in the glowing Bioluminescent Bay: .

Spiritually, I will leave this open-ended – but whoever created this universe had to have been both a mad scientist and a brilliant artist. Earthly beauty takes on infinite forms and permutations. The plumage of a peacock. An orchid deep in the jungle. Desert dunes under a starry sky. The swaying of a sea anemone in the currents. No human being will ever experience every moment of beauty in nature, nor do some people even stop to notice. Keeping your eyes open to it is a choice, after all.

When somebody asks me why I dance, the short answer is that it makes me feel good and my performances make other people happy. Diving deeper into why dancing makes me feel good, I think it’s a way for me to be part of the worldly beauty around me. To see, understand, translate, become, and embody beauty – and ultimately change the way others see it. Too often, the word beauty conjures up artifice – in other words, how we do or don’t stack up against Victoria’s Secret models. It’s silly. Just as there’s beauty in nature, there’s beauty in the diversity of the human form. And belly dance, when you remove yourself from the occasional baggage, champions women of all ages, races, shapes, sizes and walks of life. We belong in the beauty around us.

So do me a favor next time you’re out and about. Stop. Slow down. Be mindful, be inspired. Be a vibrant part of this beautiful world we’re living in.



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