Hi Everyone! My name is Brian, and while I’m not the author of the content that you’re hoping to read (that is, all the fun details about Carrara and what’s happening with her), I did all of the creative, graphic, coding, and other technical work that has gone into this virtual home. A big high five to the photographers (I’m sure Carrara can fill you in on who all of them are) who provided excellent photos, in particular the beautiful header photo, sans a bit of digital magic by yours truly.

What I primarily want to do is say “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here!” and give you some suggestions about how you, as a friend, student, family member, or fan can help Carrara out and make her new website a success. This blog is a place for you! … Whether you’re a family member, friend, student, or fellow bellydancer, this is the place to keep up with what is happening with Carrara and also offer your encouragement and support. The more often you check here and the more often you comment on her blogs and interact with this online community the more you will help her to become what I would call “visible” on the web.

The more people who visit a website, the more visible it becomes to search engines like Google and Yahoo. This means that as her friend, you can help her out simply by checking back frequently for updates. It is my hope that this site will be a great help to anyone who is trying to keep track of her bellydance life. I, personally have many bellydancer friends down here in Delaware, my little corner of the world and for me, I often have no idea when or where they are dancing so I don’t get to see them perform as often as I’d like. Carrara’s main page CarraraNour.com incorporates a modern web technology called an “RSS feed” which is maintained and updated by Carrara in order to keep you up-to-date with the blog updates, where she will blog about random thoughts, upcoming performances, the business of bellydance, and so on. For those of you more web savvy, you can subscribe to her RSS feed to get the latest info via your favorite feed reader, you can also subscribe to her e-mail mailing list in the sidebar to the right.  I’m sure you can figure all this out out… onto how you can help her out.

Here are some simple ways that you can help out Carrara and this site:

  • Check the site, particularly the main page and the blog frequently for updates
  • Follow her on Twitter
  • Comment on her blog
  • Subscribe to receive e-mail updates (any time Carrara posts something to her blog you will get an e-mail in your inbox the following day)
  • Post links back to her site in appropriate and visible places, such as: online forums (like bhuzz.com, and shira.net) and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace

There’s a good chance you won’t hear from me again since Carrara will be taking over the show, but if you need me, you can find me over at my site DreamStar Studios. It’s not as pretty as Carrara’s, but it’s got it’s own personality :)

Best wishes to everyone and to all of you dancer’s out there… Keep it Up, you’re awesome!

Brian Feister, DreamStar Studios

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