Those of you who have followed me on Bhuz (and “IRL”), know just how badly I want to team up with TV’s greatest corres-pundit Steven Colbert and expose the nation to the very real threat of a Turkish Airport Special* invasion.

Call it a pipe dream, but I even know what I’d wear for my hypothetical Colbert Report appearance. I found this over-the-top patriotic bedlah nowhere else but on eBay:


I am currently taking an oath of silence and will leave the evaluation of good taste up to you. If this were my size, I would almost be tempted to buy it, do a 1940’s style cheesecake-y pinup girl photo shoot in it – and then pawn that bad boy off as quickly as I acquired it.

Key word, almost.

Love it or loathe it, this costume was way too amusing – and way too timely, with Independence Day approaching – to let it go unblogged-about.



* Turkish Airport Special – n. A mass-produced, cheaply made bra-and-belt set typically sold as a souvenir for American tourists. Can be distinguished by oblong or dinner plate-shaped bra cups, improbable fringe placement, and questionable design motifs that accentuate inappropriate areas of the costume, i.e. center front of the belt

What Do You Think About All This?